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San Antonio Facelift

A Facelift procedure typically will take several hours, sometimes longer. In some cases, your plastic surgeon may schedule two different sessions, depending on how extensive your case is.

Plastic surgeons use different approaches for facelift, depending on your bone structure and there technique. The location of the incision will also depend on your bone structure, but will be discussed with you during your consultation. Some plastic surgeons will complete one side of the face first, and then move on to the other side, and other plastic surgeons will move back in forth between the sides. This is dependent on the surgeon’s technique.

Your plastic surgeon will typically make incisions above your hairline near the temples, extend it to the front of the ear, and continue to the rear of the earlobe to the lower scalp. If your case requires work on the neck, the plastic surgeon may also make an incision below the chin. The plastic surgeon will then separate the skin from both the fat and the muscle. The plastic surgeon will then tighten, after removing the fat, will tighten the main muscle and membrane, pull the skin back and then remove the excess skin. Stitches then secure the layers of tissue, and the incisions are closed. Depending on your specific case, metal clips may be used on the scalp.

A temporary tube, very small, will usually be placed under the skin, in order to drain any blood that may build up. Typically, your head will be wrapped up in bandages in order to reduce bruising and minimize swelling.

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