How to Improve a Disproportionate or Broken Nose

While most patients consider nose surgery to improve the aesthetic balance of their facial features, many individuals also inquire about rhinoplasty to repair a broken nose, deviated septum, or another problem related to one’s breathing. Fortunately, rhinoplasty is a versatile procedure capable of fixing both form and function. If you believe your nose looks too big, small, crooked, or otherwise disproportionate to your other facial features, rhinoplasty is typically the most effective way to refine the nasal framework and help you enjoy lasting facial harmony. The procedure can alter the different structures of the nasal bridge, septum, tip, and nostrils — often with little to no scarring — to achieve beautiful and natural-looking proportions.

On the other hand, rhinoplasty can also make it easier to breathe if your concerns are more functional in nature. Many men and women struggle with breathing difficulties after a broken nose or facial injury. Some patients are simply born with a deviated (misaligned) septum, leading to obstructions in their nasal airways. Rhinoplasty is frequently performed to repair a deviated septum and/or a nose injury requiring surgery to fix. Not all broken noses need a surgical procedure to treat, but severe breaks or fractures can be addressed with rhinoplasty. The procedure can simultaneously enhance any aesthetic issues as well, if desired. Dr. John Ayala, our board-certified plastic surgeon, personalizes rhinoplasty according to each person’s individual needs, goals, and expectations to provide the most effective, exceptional result.

Whether the concerns you have with your nose stem from cosmetic or functional issues, Dr. John Ayala can tailor rhinoplasty to improve both your breathing and facial harmony. Contact Ayala Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation or to learn more about how rhinoplasty can help you achieve your goals.